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  • My first day.

    29th Aug 2019 by

    The Fulbright program is incredible. Acknowledging the diversity of humankind simultaneously with the possibility and the need of finding common ground, it is resources well committed. More strength to it!! These are some jottings about my Fulbright experience. I landed the Fulbright for my research proposal “Improvisation in Jazz and Indian Classical Music – a… Read more

  • Improvisation

    30th Jan 2020 by

    There is a strange relationship between ritual and art.  Ritual is absence of creativity; art is the abundance of creativity.  And yet, rituals give birth to art and art gives birth to ritual. Improvisation, where it is permitted, is always good. Except in rituals, chanting mantras or maybe performing yoga asanas one improvises to approbation.  You don’t find… Read more

  • Buddhism or Jaijaiwanti – How Can it Work for Me?

    29th Dec 2019 by

    As a student of Philosophy one learns about the various “Theories of Truth” – Correspondence, Coherence and Pragmatism being the main ones.  Does your belief correspond to reality?  Then it is true. If I believe it is raining, then the way to see if the belief is true is to actually see if it is raining!  Duh.  That’s a… Read more

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