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  • My first day.

    29th Aug 2019 by

    The Fulbright program is incredible. Acknowledging the diversity of humankind simultaneously with the possibility and the need of finding common ground, it is resources well committed. More strength to it!! These are some jottings about my Fulbright experience. I landed the Fulbright for my research proposal “Improvisation in Jazz and Indian Classical Music – a… Read more

  • The Virtual and the Real

    24th Jun 2020 by

    The Fulbright experience should have been one of unadulterated joy and achievement.  To get to work with academics in US Universities and to get a taste of the American life is surely an experience of a lifetime. Covid-19 has undeniably cast a cloud over this experience for the 2019-2020 batch of Fulbrighters. I tried to… Read more

  • Asteroid Deliverance

    24th Jun 2020 by

    In his Quarantine Monologue, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made a startling remark.  He said that an asteroid the size of the Empire State Building was approaching the earth over the weekend, and “who knows, maybe we will get lucky and it will hit us”. Was it an expression of world weariness?  World weary and an American?  That… Read more

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